Essential Tools for Your Garage

23 February 17

I could list hundreds of tools that you need to do required repairs or maintenance, but there are a few items that are often missing. So go and check to make sure you have these essential tools for your garage.

1) A First Aid Kit

While this is the one item you hope you will never need to use, it is essential to have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand in case of emergency.

2) A Fire extinguisher

Another item you hope never to use, but in a garage, there are usually flammable items around. Having a fire extinguisher on hand can quickly curb any damage should a fire break out, and possibly make the difference between life and death.

3) Good lighting

You do your best work when you can see what you are doing. Make sure that you have good overhead light, windows where possible and a handy movable light for when you need to work in hard to reach or awkward spaces.

4) A good floor jack

A best floor jack is essential for those heavy lifting tasks. While most cars are equipped with a compact scissor jack, having a bottle jack or hydraulic jack in your garage can make life a lot easier. I like a small hydraulic jack for its ease of use, quick and effortless lifting ability, and the wheels at the base give mobility for storage and moving. I have even used my jack to lift heavy furniture! It is also essential to keep a few car jacks on hand. Once your vehicle is lifted, you want to ensure it stays up and that you can safely work underneath.

5) A large flat, stable work bench

This is the starting point of your garage work space and holds endless possibilities. From keeping your manuals, plans, laptop or cup of coffee to arranging your tools and more serious work, a flat surface is a must.

Your bench is also the best spot for a bench vice. This clamp will be your right hand when you don’t have an assistant on hand.

6) Storage

Having a good storage system will ensure that your garage stays neat and clean. You will always know where to find the items you need. Trolleys with drawers are handy to move heavier bulky tools to where you need them while keeping them neatly stored, That said, don’t underestimate the usefulness of a simple pegboard against the wall. You can easily rearrange pegs on the board to suit your array of tools and being up against the wall ensures that you make maximum use of your space and that tools are visible for ease of use.

7) Air Compressor

While it may not seem entirely necessary to have an air compressor, I have included it here for its multiple nifty applications. Apart from quickly inflating a tire, the compressor makes cleaning and drying parts a cinch.

Make your workplace a safe, clean environment that is a pleasure to work in by ensuring you have these essential tools for your garage!